No, everything is not fine.
That's why we need you.

Protecting Rohingya from persecution. Ensuring the right to safety and security for people fleeing violence in Central America. Demanding accountability in Saudi Arabia. Speaking out with one voice against anyone who uses their power to deny, dismiss, and abuse. This is what the seven million supporters of Amnesty International do every single day.

We don’t take “everything’s fine” “or “nothing to see here” for an answer. Unafraid and unrelenting, we fight until the truth is known, victims are free, and perpetrators brought to justice.

Sound like you? You can help. Because until everything’s truly fine, doing nothing isn’t.

Turn denial into justice. Give to Amnesty Today.

Torture, war crimes, genocide? Not here. Or so say the people committing them.

But seven million people know better. And we, the people of Amnesty International, aren’t afraid to say it.

Over almost 60 years of saying it, shouting it and demanding it, we’ve saved thousands of fellow humans from those and many more atrocities. It brought us a Nobel Peace Prize, and now it’s brought us you.

If you want to tell human rights abusers, no, everything’s not fine and you have to stop: Please donate. We’ll make sure they and the world hear you. Loud, and clear, and true.

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    Donate now to say no, everything is not fine and defend human rights for all.
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